Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Music Behind the Writing

I always find it amusing, both as a reader and a writer, to find out the songs that people listen to while they write a book. As our list of followers and readers grow by the day, I felt that perhaps some of our fans would like to know just what songs inspired the words behind The Wolva Trilogy. The following three links will each go to 1 of 3 palylists. Each book in the Trilogy having it's own list of music behind it.

Book 1 - 'Hyblood's Playist:
Book 2 - 'Hyblood: Ada's Prophecy's Playlist:
Book 3 - 'Hyblood: Eternal War's Playlist:

I do hope you enjoy, and perhaps become enlightened by this. And since the second and third books are yet to be released, perhaps these songs will also be a nice teaser for those wondering just what will happen next!

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