Sunday, 5 February 2012

Some Q&A

feelingthebr33ze (on Tumblr) asked:
"What is something right now that someone else could do for you that would make you extremely happy?"

This is a very good question and fits very well with what I’m trying to accomplish for my book series.

Something that someone could do for me that would make me happy is something quite simple: to spread the word of ‘Hyblood: First Book of the Wolva Trilogy’ to anyone they know, and to those whom they think would enjoy reading this book.

It’s my goal to spread the word of Hyblood so that one day it’s well known and read by many people aroud the world. If just one person mentions it to someone else, a chain reaction starts and soon the name will spread like wildfire.

This is something that would make me extremely happy :)

kindlekwickstart (on Tumblr) asked:
"So what sort of things can we expect from this blog?"

This blog will be used for several things in the future involving ‘The Wolva Trilogy’ such as:

-News about contests to win signed copies of the first book, and how the contest will be done.

-Updates on the series and when the next book is due to be released.

-Updates of where the books can be bought/read. (Nook, Apple, etc)

-Questions and Answers that any readers have about the series and hints of what is to come next.

That is just a vague list of what future posts in TWT’s blog will feature, so I do hope our followers stick around to see more, and spread the word to let others in on what is bound to be a new craze.

(More Q&A will be added at later dates!)

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